Video: Troy James Shows Off His Contortionist Skills | Season 1 Ep. 3 | SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO

VIDEO: Troy James Shows Off His Contortionist Skills | Season 1 Ep. 3 | SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO
12/03/2018 02:17 10.6K 435 1.5M

Troy James shows off his contortionist skills before the audience.

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SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO is a one-hour weekly series, featuring Emmy Award-winning personality Steve Harvey as host. Set to debut during the 2017-2018 season, it is a reimagining of the classic talent showcase series.

Featured in the series are elements from the Apollo’s legendary Amateur Night – the long-running, live talent competition, now in its 82nd year – which provides a platform for up-and-coming artists to perform in front of the toughest audience in the world. The Apollo audience is famed as one of entertainment’s most boisterous and brutally honest, and those amateurs who don’t win them over must endure the wrath of this notorious crowd.

The Apollo Theater launched the careers of many iconic artists, including James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson and The Jackson Five, D’Angelo and countless others. Its venerable stage show, Amateur Night at the Apollo, has long been revered by artists as a transformative experience during which up-and-coming talent feel the power of the legendary performers who have come before them, while audience response can help make or break a career.

Troy James Shows Off His Contortionist Skills | Season 1 Ep. 3 | SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO

Comentarios (532)
  • María Pérez
    María Pérez


  • gina bennett
    gina bennett

    He did a wonderful job in scary stories to tell in the dark.. creeped me out

  • Kelley Gieger
    Kelley Gieger

    He's the Jangly Man in Scary Stories... I recognized his spider jump

  • A v.
    A v.

    Who else is here because of "scary stories to tell in the dark" behind the scenes?

  • AB C. DEF
    AB C. DEF

    He’s got one nice package there ...😎😎😎

  • Noble'One

    Dam that lady eyes contorted at 00.22 mark.

  • BORZ Suleyman
    BORZ Suleyman

    Готовый актёр для фильмов ужасов

  • T_Rex Diaz
    T_Rex Diaz

    Hey did this guy appeared in the void??

  • Lucas Santos
    Lucas Santos

    Se eu vejo uma desgraça dessa no escuro eu vô dormi esperando a volta de jesus

  • A.K.A G
    A.K.A G

    This dude could play Slenderman

  • fikri latib
    fikri latib

    i knew its him who act as baba yaga in Hellboy