Video: Six months of survival in the tropical rainforest

VIDEO: Six months of survival in the tropical rainforest
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Six months of survival in the tropical rainforest
6 months have passed since I stepped into the tropical rainforest. The living conditions here are easy. At the end of last year's autumn, I had to eat a variety of plants, drink spring water. The winter here is not too cold, but there is always a need for charcoal for heating. Fortunately, rodents are very active at this time so there are lots of food. Now it's summer, I will continue to learn to perform better. There will be many buildings built ...
Thank you everyone for your support in the last 6 months !!!

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  • Survival Instinct
    Survival Instinct

    This is the video I synthesized skills for 6 months in this place. In the future, I hope to have many interesting things ... Don't forget to press "like" and "subscrible" to support us. Have fun watching !!!

  • Kimo Penh
    Kimo Penh

    مزفر ابرحم always boil the water. It prevents malaria.

  • jack

    So damn cool man !

  • Wayne Fofue
    Wayne Fofue

    Its just 4 days. Look at his clothes. Its hues, gradation, complexion, saturation or shades, whatever did'nt change bit. But i admire his skills at least!

  • Michael Carbajal
    Michael Carbajal

    @Ajanta Ellora or even make them look warn. 😆 his hair never looked like it was growing. I bet it was in gis back yard for a few days.

  • Lynn Ace
    Lynn Ace

    @Ajanta Ellora "Six months ,,,,,,, and didn't changed your clothes." Re: That would most likely be the Least of yr worries should u be thrown into a situation like this.

  • bulon leh
    bulon leh

    @Ajanta Ellora - Its all bulls#*t champ. Have seen heaps of similar rubbish floating on youtube.

  • Bw Bs
    Bw Bs

    how tf did he charge the batteries of whatever hes using to record?

  • 신짜오

    여자친구 없어요?같이 있으면 외롭지 않을텐데

  • joe henry
    joe henry

    And my only problem with this video is the title...this is not surviving...this is living in the rainforest. Or at the very least thriving.

  • joe henry
    joe henry

    You have been selected to play on "Survivor - Costa Rica"...what two luxury items will your bring? #1 A Machete, #2 This DUDE!!!

  • GenosCyder

    Its amazing what you can build with only one tool

  • Sander Tokugawa
    Sander Tokugawa

    How many batteries do you bring with you for 6 months of filming?

  • max coming soon
    max coming soon

    the part when this man arrived to the cave, bruhhh he was thingking way back to his house hahah and then he was totally lost he made a second house. the feel live in forest is awesome, you go anywhere and you lost you can make a second house for free ! in city you lost anywhere you get viral 🤣

  • max coming soon
    max coming soon

    me: no one subcribe? forest : ............ bluk bluk (sound of water).......krikkkkkkkk krikkkk (sound of the jungle)

  • Rush Rush
    Rush Rush

    No need for the "crunchy" voice over.

  • S Ky
    S Ky

    But at first...You need a blade...

  • My Travel Vanz
    My Travel Vanz

    Wow man you are train very well, great Adventure. Well done