Video: Mexico City — Video Walk【4K】🇲🇽

VIDEO: Mexico City — Video Walk【4K】🇲🇽
11/09/2018 10:04 5K 518 620.9K

Just a Camera Floating Among The Crowd. Walking Around Mexico City by Wanna Walk.

This is a new video walk in Ciudad De Mexico, walking in 'Paseo de la Reforma', Colonia Juarez. Mexico City has a metropolitan area larger of 22 million people. You never know what to expect walking down in Mexico City or Ciudad de México. The most populous metropolitan area in the Western Hemisphere and the largest Spanish speaking city in the world.

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Mexico City has sixteen boroughs and is a very international metropolis with everything you can imagine on it. An exotic mix between the past and the future. Beautiful architecture and ideas, amazing food and friendly people. Mexico City is one of my favorite places in the world. A huge city with a very unique personality.

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Welcome to Ciudad de Mexico Video Walk - Let’s walk to watch people, their faces and what they do on random moment of their lives. Welcome to the Capital city. Listen fragments of unknown people’s conversations, enjoy seeing new cultures, lines, curves and colors of different cities around the world. You can use the metro to go everywhere but I prefer to walk. Wanna Walk?

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Everything you heard is true. You can call Mexico City: dangerous, beautiful, dirty, cultural, crowded, street food paradise, etc. In fact, the New York Times named Mexico City as the number one travel destination, calling it “the metropolis that has it all”. Mexico City is becoming recognized as a world class metropolis in terms of authenticity, economy, architecture, cuisine and culture. Yet, many travelers avoid Mexico City for its reputation so this video is to show you a little of this 22+ million people civilization.

Walking Mexico City - Video Walk【4K】🇲🇽

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This city has a great combination of old and new and, f you enjoy walking this is a great area. Probably. This is certainly an area that worth to explore if you like architecture and urbanism. This is one of the best walks in Mexico City to watch the historic Center, the buildings with lots of glass windows and pure design. 'Paseo de la Reforma' is also a traditional place for celebrations and protests.

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This is a quick video walk around Paseo de la Reforma, Ciudad de México with many monuments and attractions to see. On Sundays, when the weather is good, they close the avenue from Chapultepec to the historic center which is great to walk. You can rent a bike too.

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Comentarios (2,935)
  • Antonio chingetas
    Antonio chingetas

    Me gustaria ver Un video de Guadalajara, Monterrey y Tijuana tambien please..

  • Wanna Walk
    Wanna Walk

    Hola Antonio. Me gustaría pronto estar por esos lugares. Espero poder hacerlo. Un saludo y gracias por suscribirte 😉

  • احمد سنكالي
    احمد سنكالي

    Amo mucho a México porque mi madre es de México y tengo una hermosa naturaleza, vida y un hermoso mar

  • Paco Goro
    Paco Goro

    I don't like to see the backs of people... Negative.

  • Karlo Brown Comedy
    Karlo Brown Comedy

    Mexicans have some of the hottest women... They’re like a combination of Spanish, Asian and Native American... Can’t wait to find me one that loves chubby black guys and wanna work on making a familia

  • Way Back
    Way Back

    International media has lied to us,always thought Mexico was a miserable country with no development

  • White Tiger
    White Tiger

    @brown pride the bad places in the US dominated by brown and blacks ghettos lol

  • Wanna Walk
    Wanna Walk

    Hola nelsonjavier24, estoy probando muchas cámaras pero este video en particular fue realizado con un iPhone X. Hay más video walks en el canal. Gracias por suscribirte 😉

  • Bigbradwolf

    Unbelievable how the media makes Mexico like a slum. LA is more dangerous

  • Reed A.
    Reed A.

    Nice. Most videos of Mexico only show the old, colonial historic center where the government buildings are. They never show the MODERN side of Mexico City like Reforma, Polanco, Interlomas or Santa Fe.

  • Wanna Walk
    Wanna Walk

    Hello Reed. Yes, that’s exactly the idea of this video walk in particular. To show that Mexico City has many realities and all of them are beautiful 😉

  • Stuart Little
    Stuart Little

    Alguien sabe la zona de la ciudad en que esta grabando?

  • Wanna Walk
    Wanna Walk

    Hola. Esta zona es cercana al Mall de Paseo de la Reforma 222, en Colonia Juárez.

  • White Tiger
    White Tiger

    northern part of mexico is full of desert, while the southern mexico is the opposite!....

  • Wanna Walk
    Wanna Walk

    Hello. Believe it or not, Mexico City was built over a lake! During the Aztec period, Mexico City was initially built over a lake, the Lago de Texcoco. Aztecs built an artificial island by dumping soil into the lagoon. When the Mexicas (who would later be known as the Aztecs) saw the vision come true on an island in Lake Texcoco, they decided to build a city there so, not a desert at all. But the country has many desert zones too.

  • MMKKK 999
    MMKKK 999

    Everyone in mexico is beautiful 😀😀😀😀

  • Elkaddani Hamza
    Elkaddani Hamza

    لي جاي من عند زيزو فلوكس يسطاسيوني حدايا😅

  • Osito Arabe
    Osito Arabe

    Ahhh ahora entiendo porque en la mayoría de vídeos se muestra esta avenida desde arriba y con drones...🤷 Se ve muy parecido a Sao Paulo

  • Wanna Walk
    Wanna Walk

    Hola Osito. Ciertamente la avenida Paseo de la Reforma tiene un parecido a la Avenida Paulista en Sao Paulo. De todos modos, creo que México City es más disfrutable para caminar. Saludos 😉