Video: EXPERIMENT: Will Watermelon Explode ?

VIDEO: EXPERIMENT: Will Watermelon Explode ?
26/07/2019 07:45 279.1K 97.8K 51.2M

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Hello, friends! Nice to see you again on my channel. In today's video, I will try to blow a watermelon with mentos and cola and balloon.
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  • Delaney Cronin
    Delaney Cronin

    The answer to your question: All attempts are a fail, they started leaking. He puts a balloon filled with coke inside the watermelon, puts mentos along with it, seals it up by melting the plastic on the opening. He (who knows why) sticks toothpicks at the top, he then jabs the watermelon with a metal stick, shakes it up a bit and waits.

  • Isabelly Isa
    Isabelly Isa

    Seu idiota ficou bravinho pq n deu certo? Bem feito, por ter desperdiçado tanta comida

  • Sasha Lyubimova
    Sasha Lyubimova

    Американская пародия на Мамикса

  • Thayna gomes
    Thayna gomes

    É né quando tá tirando os pedaços da Melancia tava comendo também

  • Katelyn Moreno
    Katelyn Moreno

    What's ur guys problem that watermelon cost money it wouldn't have went to poor kids anyway and either way you go feed poor kids then instead of commenting for this guy to do it on a YouTube video 😐😒