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Ronan Taylor Swift Live

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Taylor Swift "Ronan" Live Only Aired ONCE

A 3-year-old Valley boy who died of cancer in 2011 has inspired the writing of "Ronan," a Taylor Swift song that will debut on Friday, Sept. 7, during a telethon to raise funds to battle the

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* EMOTIONAL* Taylor Swift Ronan 1989 World Tour

Taylor Swift Ronan 1989 World Tour *emotional* About a young boy who died from cancer, Taylor also talks about her own mother Andrea who has cancer also. Very emotional video! Must watch

22/03/2017 379,831 YouTube
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Taylor Swift - Ronan (Lyrics)

Lyrics of the song ''Ronan'' by Taylor Swift. This song is so beautiful. :') Rest in Peace, Ronan. I do not own the rights to this song. All rights are reserved to UMG/ Taylor Swift/ Big Ma

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taylor swift - " ronan "

ronan taylor swift live

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Taylor Swift - Ronan Live (HD)

Co-written with Maya Thompson, this song is a tribute to Thompsons four-year-old son Ronan, who succumbed to cancer last year. This song was performed at...

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Taylor Swift - Ronan Music Video

Taylor Swift - Ronan Music Video...

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Taylor Swift - Ronan (Lyrics)

ronan taylor swift live...

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Taylor Swift Ronan Karaoke Version

ronan taylor swift live...

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Taylor Swift Ronan Karaoke

ronan taylor swift live...

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