Video: The Genesis G90 Is a $75,000 Hyundai Luxury Sedan

VIDEO: The Genesis G90 Is a $75,000 Hyundai Luxury Sedan
13/03/2018 27:28 25.5K 1.7K 2M


The Genesis G90 is a full-size luxury sedan from Hyundai’s new Genesis brand. The Genesis G90 is basically a $75,000 Hyundai — so today I’m reviewing the 2017 Genesis G90 to show you what you get when you spend $75,000 on a Genesis.

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Comentarios (6,964)
  • shane blue sky
    shane blue sky

    Doug is the kind of guy. Gives 50% score just becuase of name.

  • Fredo Bull
    Fredo Bull

    This car is better than any car from the Audi line up 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Sachin Mistry
    Sachin Mistry

    Also, this is a very nice car, but it needs a personality. Lexus has flair. Mercedes has heritage in their styling. This design seems to be very safe. From seeing the Genesis concept cars, it’s going to evolve into an interesting brand.

  • Sachin Mistry
    Sachin Mistry

    Is it raining? I swear, I’m seeing flashes that look like rain in some shots

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    The video started with a blind bias. "A 70K Hyundai".

  • Gregg Hanson
    Gregg Hanson

    You didn't even mention Lincoln and this car is a Lincoln copy.

  • Paul Yoder
    Paul Yoder

    nice chrysler 300/chevy malibu/ford fusion mashup you got there doug

  • Paul Yoder
    Paul Yoder

    9 MIN 20 SEC IN ..that would get old real quick

  • Ms Anthrope
    Ms Anthrope

    I love this car!! I saw one in the parking lot of a store - the owner was just getting out, and I had to go over and ask him what this lovely car was.

  • Car-mazing

    Genesis is a copy of Lexus. Nobody will be buying that crappy "Luxury Hyundai". I haven't seen one yet on the roads.

  • Conscious Robot
    Conscious Robot

    Did he really say "weirdnesses" instead of quirks? What is even happening