Video: Randy buys a bookshelf off Gumtree

VIDEO: Randy buys a bookshelf off Gumtree
28/01/2019 21:13 93.4K 1K 2.6M

Randy buys a bookshelf off Gumtree

from Randy Writes A Novel (2018)
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Comentarios (2,876)
  • bunnydino hi
    bunnydino hi

    So he said there was also a worker in the home so sick for that person

  • Bergen Nicholson
    Bergen Nicholson

    And Bring the Funny picked a magic act over this guy and his hilarious comedy set.

  • MrLonely 017
    MrLonely 017

    *Starts to read book* "Chapter one...." "I bought a bookshelf recently " "I'll QUICKLY tell you the story then I'll get to the book...." *spends 20 minutes telling entire story*😅😂👌🏽

  • WhizPartyDoge

    I laughed so hard when he sad it wasn't real 😂

  • JE D
    JE D

    I got here by chance. Who the hell is this storytelling genius and master of puppetry?