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Taylor Swift Creates Playlist of Her Favorite Songs She's "Loving Right Now" | Billboard News

Taylor Swift is spreading the love when it comes to music. Her latest playlist from Apple Music, “Playlist by ME!” is here, and features tracks by Carlie Hanson, Nina Nesbitt, AJR and mo...

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Taylor Swift Adds Katy Perry's Song To Her Music Playlist


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Fim da 'treta'? Taylor Swift adiciona música de Katy Perry a 'playlist'

Taylor adicionou a nova faixa da rival à sua playlist da Apple...

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Taylor Swift fügt das Lied von Katy Perry ihrer Playlist hinzu

Die Sängerin fügt das Lied von Katy Perry ihrer Playlist hinzu. Sie haben ihren Streit wohl eindeutig überwunden....

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Taylor Swift ajoute un morceau de Katy Perry dans sa playlist

Taylor Swift a ajouté une chanson de Katy Perry dans sa playlist - prouvant que le duo s'est bien réconcilié....

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Taylor Swift adds Katy Perry's song to her music playlist

Taylor Swift has added Katy Perry's song to her music playlist - showing that the duo have put their long-running feud well and truly behind them....

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Taylor Swift Gives Heartbroken Fan Advice on Tumblr, Makes Her a 6-Song Breakup Playlist--Read the Full Exchange

When a teenager named Kasey had one of the worst days of her life,Taylor Swift turned it all around.Earlier this week, Kasey said on her Tumblr past that her boyfriend broke up with her via ...

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(180522) BTS met Taylor Swift and more stars at the '2018 Billboard Music Awards'

BTS members meeting Taylor Swift and various American stars and having a great time! Subscribe to our channel ▻ ......

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BTS phá vỡ kỷ lục của Taylor Swift, liệu có đủ sức trở thành MV được xem nhiều nhất trong 24 giờ?

MV mới nhất của BTS, Fake Love vừa qua đã phá vỡ kỷ lục 10 triệu lượt xem nhanh nhất của Look What You Made Me Do.Xem thêm tại

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