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riot house productions...

01/03/2011 34 Dailymotion
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Riot House Production - Showreel 2012

RIot House is a French based production company working on several fields : sports, events, business or aerial productions. Here is our showreel from 2012. Riot House est u...

09/04/2013 245 Dailymotion
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HILARY SCOTT - sxrm - bonus

The young lady from Missouri was playing in town with our good friend Norfolk, we couldn't miss the chance to lock her in the old Sexroom! She came with a bunch of other girls and took us by...

08/06/2011 11,945 Dailymotion
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PLUS GUEST - sxrm - S01E02

the second episode of the sex room sessions with PLUS GUEST (strasbourg) and their song: "met a tree"...

17/05/2009 7,503 Dailymotion
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COCOON - sxrm - S01E03

Sex room Sessions #3 with Cocoon and their cover: "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas...

03/05/2009 7,850 Dailymotion
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NIANDRA LADES - sxrm - S01E05

the fifth épisode of the sex room sessions, with NIANDRA LADES and their exclusive song: "electric retard"...

17/05/2009 8,159 Dailymotion
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SCOTT H. BIRAM - sxrm - S03E05

We were lucky enough to host the legendary Texan Scott H. Biram in the Sexroom! In addition to his crazy blues punk, Scott is an incredibly nice and warm person we were thrilled to meet… W...

25/05/2011 1,165 Dailymotion
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EVENING HYMNS - sxrm - S03E11

And another Kütu Folk Records' Artist in the Sexroom! Evening Hymns gave us a smooth and touching hymns, the lovely "History Books" from their latest record Spirit Guides. This canadian due...

18/10/2011 548 Dailymotion
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MORNING PARADE - sxrm - S03E08

Here's a very special one, with an English band that didn't release its first album, yet everyone is talking about them as the next BIG thing ! We met them at the Europavox festival 2011, ve...

01/07/2011 661 Dailymotion
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ST AUGUSTINE - sxrm - S01E10

lovely sex room, girls, just fall in love......

22/06/2009 1,272 Dailymotion